Cæcilie Norby has often in the International media been crowned as the "Danish Vocal Queen". She is admired for her sound and vocal versatility, which is unique and remarkable.

She has mainly appeared as a soloist with a number of well-known Danish and foreign musicians, including Curtis Stigers, Dianne Reeves, Ray Brown, Michael Brecker and John Scofield, etc.

In 1995, she released her first solo CD on the American Jazz Label Blue Note. It was highly praised and sold over 40,000 copies. Since then, she has released several CDs, all of which have helped place Cæcilie Norby as one of the most prominent singers of her generation.

Classical music paved the way for her later versatile and well-respected career, where she has moved effortlessly across musical genres.

NAT HINDE / "Night Mist"

At the concert in the Copenhagen Cathedral on Saturday July 5th at 11pm, Cæcilie Norby and some of Europe's most innovative artist pay tribute to: Nature, music and the divine root network.

The concert will feature the premiere of Cæcilie Norby's newly composed organ work "Night Mist" which consists of three parts: Predilerium, 00.00 and Post Midnight, where the audience is invited on a meditative and spiritual journey through the music.

That the "Night Mist" concert should be performed for the very first time in the Copenhagen Cathedral was a natural choice.

About choosing this location Cæcilie Norby says:

"I have previously sung in Copenhagen's Cathedral, and the room itself with its highly impressive acoustics, as well as containing Denmark's largest instrument, the Cathedral's main organ, creates the perfect setting and ambience for this concert, which also features four internationally esteemed musicians, bassist Lars Danielsson, percussionist Marilyn Mazur, organ player John Frandsen and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky.

This organ work that I have composed is a celebration of life and life's roots. The concert combines tightly written compositions and improvised pieces. In addition to playing the organ work, we also embark into a sound universe, where we through the music interact with the churches' acoustics in a setting where we encapture the primordial force and nature into the spiritual universe of the church.

Cæcilie's greatest christening gift

"Music is to me - my roots. My roots and the essence of who I am. Where I come from and where I am going. My roots were planted and infused by my parents' musical influence on my early music appreciation. Since then my roots have continued to grow and spread, connecting with others and also across the music genres".

About Cæcilie Norby's newly composed music the versatile composer and organist, John Frandsen says:

"As a composer I knew Cæcilie Norby's father, Erik Norby, whose works I have always loved. So when Cæcilie contacted me to show me this new organ piece that she had composed, I was very curious, as I primarily know her work within the rhythmic music scene. It was a great experience to hear a work that is so dynamic, lyrical and yet very tightly composed. I am proud to be allowed to play this premiere on the cathedral's grand organ. I'm very much looking forward to it."

About the musicians

Lars Danielsson | Bass & Cello / SE

The Swedish cellist and bassist Lars Danielsson has an inimitable sound that comes from his musical background as well as from his classical training. Danielsson is one of the most sought after bass players in the world and has played with an almost endless array of International stars including Michael and Randy Brecker, John Scofield, and Charles Lloyd. His bass sound is warm, melodic and highly cultivated and is recognizable from the very first note he plays.

In his work as a music director, he has a unique talent for producing catchy and simple melodies, all of which are characterized by an exquisite sense of sound and arrangement. He has also over the years proven to be a great producer and has put together some prominet groups with major stars including Leszek Mozdzer, Jack DeJohnette, Tigran Magnus Ostrom, Arve Henriksen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset January Bang, Eric Harland and many more.

Marilyn Mazur | Percussion & Drums / DK

The Danish-American percussionist and drummer Marilyn Mazur has played with an almost endless list of International names and is probably best known for her long-running collaboration with Miles Davis and later Jan Garbarek. From 2005 she has mainly dedicated her time and musical work on projects in their own name, and selects with care the constellations with whom she performs with.

She likes it best when the music is telepathic, surprising, emotional, warm and vibrant. When it is music that has a range from the softest lyrical sound with mysterious grooves to powerful energy.

Sebastian Studnitzky | Trumpet & Keys / DE

German multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Studnitzky (trumpet) lives in Berlin and is one of the most active German musicians on the International music scene. He has toured in more than 50 countries with his own trio and as a sideman in groups with Nils Landgren, Rebekka Bakken, Mezzo Forte, Wolfgang Haffner, Dominic Miller or as musical director of Jazzanova Live.

Studnitzky studied jazz trumpet and jazz piano in Stuttgart and film music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. He works across music genres, and is admired for his versatile and empathetic approach to music and has participated on more than 150 CD recordings.

John Frandsen | Church Organ / DK

Danish organist John Frandsen has a diverse musical career as a composer, organist and conductor. His list is extensive and includes both symphonic music, vocal music and operas. As a conductor, he has among other things worked for the Cantilena Choir, the Aarhus County Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir Convivium. As a longtime choral conductor John Frandsen has a close relationship with choral music.

In addition, Frandsen's activities as an organist naturally led him to the great production of liturgical music. The most important of the works, such as his Requiem premiered in DR last year, orders for manifestations of new liturgical music. In this area, Frandsen himself is one of his generation's most significant figures in Danish music.

Line Up

Cæcilie Norby | DK


Lars Danielsson | SE

Bass & Cello


Marilyn Mazur | DK

Percussion & Drums


Sebastian Studnitzky | DE

Trumpet & Keys


John Frandsen | DK

Church Organ


Søren Bebe | DK





Hreinn Gudlaugsson